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Photographic expeditions are the opportunity to learn while traveling, to discover new places,  to approach different cultures and photograph unforgettable moments.  The destinations where they are carried out are characterized by being sites with a great variety of milestones with great  attractions that will allow you to live a unique experience.


Programming of photographic journeys for 2020:


To know costs, itinerary and more information, click on the exit you are interested in and you will be able to access its detailed information.  You will also find the registration form and information, to be in contact.


* To separate quotas on the crossings, 50% of the departure must be canceled 20 days in advance. In the case of Caño Cristales, the space must be reserved one month in advance.

* For photographic outings of one day, the total must be paid one week before it.

For more information and registration to the crossings,  Click the button and fill out the form. I will send you the information and answer all questions.

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