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About Raphael SE

I am a historian, nature, travel and conservation photographer, Master in International Cooperation and Public Policy Management. I have experience in coordination and investigation, conflict resolution and human rights. I have been a facilitator in cooperation, development and sustainable tourism projects; as well as in risk analysis, expedition logistics, outdoor techniques, interpretation and environmental education. Teacher in the area of nature and travel photography, in basic and advanced courses in photographic technique.

My journey and my training have been what have led me to photography through encounters with various landscapes and territories, contact with communities and enriching experiences with them.

Nature and conservation photography has become a communication tool for me, as a historian and photographer I try to complement my projects and photographs, seeking to convey a message, transport viewers to the remote places of my travels, generate in them a personal appropriation of the landscape, place and image.


Starting from my photographs and projects, I have sought to generate a space for relationships with the communities where I develop my work and the visual viewers or readers, through their awareness of the landscape and the political and social situations that take place in the territories, against the use and exploitation of the land, protection of resources and fauna, for this reason, a large part of my work is related to landscapes, fauna, communities and another part of trips to different parts of the world, always maintaining the same ideal .


  The aesthetics, message and harmony in my photos is important, I try to generate the image from my camera, through the use of filters, temperature, composition and photographic techniques, limiting myself in the least to one of these works on the computer and programs developing, in order to transmit what I see through the camera to the viewers.


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