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Zafari photo to Casanare

Zafari photo to Casanare


The photographic safari to Hato La Aurora is a great experience that will bring participants closer to the incredible local fauna and plains customs, in one of the largest reserves in the Casanare department. We will be accompanied by a nature photographer, who will introduce us to the various photographic techniques that the place allows. From a basic to an advanced level, day by day we will develop walks through the various trails, where we will be able to take photographs of fauna and flora, as well as day and night landscapes that the place offers us. They will work on concepts, such as composition, hyperfocal, bird photography, photographic hides, the use of flash in nature, among others. At the end of the daily sessions, there will be the opportunity to provide feedback on the activities and photographic results, with the purpose of improving day by day.

Day 1:

Bogota/Yopal – Hato la Aurora (-/L/C)  This day we take a flight at dawn, bound for the city of Yopal, where transportation will be waiting for us to drive us.  to Juan Solito in Hato la Aurora.

​​ In the afternoon we will make a tour in the surroundings of the accommodation, in order to start our fauna sighting, we will have the opportunity to observe the first birds of our tour and if we are lucky we will run into some howler monkeys. At night we will carry out an equipment review and we will receive our first induction regarding the technique to photograph birds and local fauna.

Day 2:

Juan Solito – Hato la Aurora (B/L/D) After breakfast, we will begin our journey with a walk of around 10 kilometers to the main house of the herd, where we will have the opportunity to photograph the caiman llanero, herds of wild capybaras, eagles and endless birds during the tour and if we are lucky we will meet some deer, anteaters, anaconda and some of the pumas that live within the reserve.

Day 3:

Juan Solito – Hato la Aurora (B/L/D) As on the previous day, we will take a tour of the trails with our local guides, where we will have the opportunity to delve into the different techniques of landscape photography, flora and fauna, while exploring pipes and possible places in search of the anaconda, which depending on the season is easy to see.  In the afternoon, we will take a tour to the banks of the Ariari River, in order to see some monkeys and enjoy the plains sunset.

Day 4:

Juan Solito – Hato la Aurora (B/L/D) Very early, before our breakfast, we will go bird watching on the trails near our accommodation and in the course of the morning, we will undertake a walk to the lagoon ---- in order to distribute the group and carry out a photo session of the fauna that we find on our way, returning after noon to the Juan Solito facilities to have lunch and be able to enjoy in the afternoon a boat tour of the Ariary river.

​​ Day 5:

Hato la Aurora – Yopal/Bogotá (B/-/-) At the end of our journey, after breakfast we will begin our return to the city of Yopal, where the participants, according to their flights and itinerary, will have the opportunity to enjoy the city.

(The itinerary routes may vary according to weather conditions and scheduled activities within the Hato)

The trips and photographic outputs are carried out in partnership with the organization  AlterNative Colombia , a travel agency specialized in sustainable and nature tourism, in order to operate under the standards and regulations of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

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