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Landscape Photography Workshop - ONLINE

Landscape Photography Workshop - ONLINE


The objective of the course is focused on providing the necessary tools to develop the potential of those interested in landscape photography. The themes that will be developed in the workshop range from the theoretical aspects of landscape photography, to the basic fundamentals and specific techniques. Such as: preparation, the ideal moment, light management, temperature, depth of field, hyperfocal distance, exposure, specific equipment and its use, as well as aspects of composition and long exposures, among other topics.

Introduction to landscape photography

  • Background and origin of landscape photography
  • First photographers
  • Theoretical aspects of nature photography and landscape photography
  • Categories
  • End of landscape photography
  • Fundamental elements in nature and landscape photography

Basic notions and introduction to the technique

  • Light and its qualities
  • color temperature
  • the perfect moment
  • camera and sensor
  • crop factor
  • shooting modes
  • Appropriate white balance according to the scene
  • Exposition
  • Diaphragm and depth of field
  • hyperfocal distance
  • reciprocity law

The team

  • Equipment suitable for landscape photography
  • Tripod and stability
  • Camera settings for landscape

Concepts and team management

  • raise the mirror
  • Light metering (suitable way according to the scene)
  • Dynamic range
  • Histogram (use and techniques in landscape photography)
  • Noise
  • Choice of diaphragm
  • Use of filters (polarizers, neutral density and gradients)
  • HDR
  • Long exposition
  • Panoramic (technique and equipment)
  • Timelapse (concepts)
  • Night landscape (Notions and technique)
  • The Urban Landscape (concept and development)
  • Minimalist landscape (concepts)

composition notions

  • landscape abstraction
  • The strength of the image
  • The horizon and where to locate it
  • The law of thirds
  • Other compositional elements in the landscape

Basic Develop Settings in Landscape

  • reveal programs
  • Lightroom and basic adjustments
  • Final job export
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