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Basic photography workshop - ONLINE

Basic photography workshop - ONLINE

$300,000.00 Regular Price
$210,000.00Sale Price

Intensive course of 16 hours, where theory and practice will alternate, aimed at anyone interested in getting started in photography. The objective of this course is to learn to handle the camera and get the most out of its benefits; know the equipment, concepts and basic techniques of photography. At the end of the workshop, the student must submit and socialize a project with the knowledge acquired.   The methodology on which we work, are 8 streaming sessions (online webinar-conference) of 2 hours each, where we will work on theory and practices during the session and at the end of it there will always be a series of exercises to develop. at home, in this way you can perfect and practice what you have learned. Eight sessions (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) distributed as follows: June 01 (Monday) – class 1 / June 03 (Wednesday) - class 2 / June 05 (Friday) – class 3 / June 08 (Monday) – class 4 / June 10 (Wednesday) – class 5 / June 12 (Friday) – class 6 / June 15 (Monday) – class 7 / June 17 (Friday) class 8.

  • What is photography?
  • The photographic camera
  • Types of cameras
  • The sensor
  • Exposure triangle (ISO – Aperture Speed)
  • the photographic equipment
  • Types of optics
  • camera modes
  • light measurement
  • capture modes
  • Capture formats (jpg - RAW)-
  • The flash
  • composition notions
  • Introduction to photo developing programs
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