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Travel Photography Workshop

Travel Photography Workshop


The theme to be developed in this course will be: Planning and logistics; recommended photographic and travel gear; necessary basic photographic knowledge and techniques, ; You will learn to wait for the ideal moment, make the most of your photographic equipment  to achieve the best photographs on your trips, whether in natural or urban spaces.


  • the moment of travel
  • research
  • The team and my needs
  • Logistics

Photography with ambient light

  • The importance of light in photography, differences between the light of sunrise, day and sunset.
  • exposure controllers
  • Diaphragm and depth of field
  • Capture speed and movement
  • Light sensitivity, effects and low light conditions


  • TTL exposure meter.
  • Metering modes (weighted, spot, centered, matrix)
  • Color temperature and white balance.
  • Semi-automatic capture modes Av (A) and Tv (S)
  • Indoor and night photography.
  • Capture formats, JPEG and RAW.
  • Characteristics and uses.
  • Internal flash and speedlight
  • long exposure photography

Optics and travel accessories

  • Useful opening and relative opening
  • Focal length
  • Types of lenses (Fisheye – Wide Angle – Standard – Telephoto - fixed lenses and variable length lenses)
  • Characteristics
  • Accessories, filters and tripod

composition notions

Image processing during the trip (mobile and tablet)

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