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Serrania la Lindosa, San Jose del Guaviare

Serrania la Lindosa, San Jose del Guaviare


The journey-photographic workshop to San José del Guaviare, is an amazing journey that will bring us closer to diverse landscapes, from streams with Macarenia Clavigera, to streams of intense ocher color, given by the tannins of its waters, we will be able to enjoy innumerable waterfalls, streams and scenarios composed of the rock formations that comprise the Lindosa and Chiribiquete. As well as getting closer to the Colombian indigenous cultures and peoples of this region and the incredible archaeological remains that they have left us. This is a nature and conservation photography trip, in which assistants can accompany us, from a basic to an advanced level in photography, day by day we will develop walks through the diverse and varied scenarios, where we will be able to take landscape photography, long exhibitions, photography of fauna and flora. We will introduce ourselves to concepts, such as composition, hyperfocal, the use of neutral density filters, polarizing filters, HDR, among others.

This value includes: instructor and nature photography workshop, 5 days 4 nights in San José de Guaviare,  food (5 lunches and 4 breakfasts), displacements (specified),  specialized guide, payments to the community and private reservations.

Day 1: 

(-/TO-)  Bogota DC/San Jose del Guaviare. This day will be the displacement from the city of origin to San José del Guaviare, either by plane or by land according to the choice of the traveler.  bound for San José de Guaviare in the morning, arriving at our destination around noon.

After settling in the hotel and having lunch at a nearby restaurant, we will take a tour of attractions in the surroundings of San José del Guaviare, so that in the afternoon we can take advantage of the sunset over the river. After this, a review and preparation of equipment would be carried out and we would have our first theoretical introductory talk on photographic techniques and filter management that we will use the following days of the journey.

​  Day 2:​ Caño savannah and Orion Gate

(B/L/-) San Jose de Guaviare.  Our photographic journey begins where we will have the opportunity to visit the area of Caño Sabana, place of the Macarenia Clavigera, an aquatic plant that gives the incredible reddish and purple tones to the caño, early in the morning, in order to have the best time to photographing light and shadows. From there we will go to the Puerta de Orión, the Valley of the Labyrinths and the Rupícola Cavern. Lunch will take place during this tour, in the afternoon we will visit the Las Delicias waterfall, before embarking on our return to San José del Guaviare.


Day 3: Natural wells and Laguna Negra

(B/L/-) San Jose de Guaviare. This day the tour begins, in order to take advantage of the best light for the landscape, in the sector of Caño la Esperanza and Pozos Naturales, a place with orange tones due to the tannins in the water, we will also visit the Reservera waterfall and other places like Caño Indio. Lunch will take place during this tour. In the afternoon, we will visit the area of the Bridges and Laguna Negra, where we will take a boat tour and we will be able to observe an incredible sunset and the fauna of the place.


Day 4 : Cave Paintings and Tunnels

(B/L/-) San Jose de Guaviare. This day we will visit the cave paintings of Nuevo Tolima, before passing through the Ciudad de Piedra where we will make the first stop of the day, where we will have the opportunity to observe the Flor del Guaviare, in addition to the rock formations.  From there we will travel to Nuevo Tolima to see imposing cave paintings of the place, we would have lunch in Ukunay, in order to learn about this incredible project. In the afternoon, we would tour the area of the Tunnels, Caño Lajas and the Jacuzzi among other places.


Day 5:  Return city of origin

(B/-/-) San José de Guaviare/ Bogotá DC. After breakfast, you can make the last trip to San José del Guaviare, opportune time, to visit the typical shops of indigenous crafts, before taking the return transportation chosen by the traveler.  bound for the city of origin.

(The routes of the itinerary may vary according to weather conditions and load impact on the places to visit)

The trips and photographic outputs are carried out in partnership with the organization  AlterNative Colombia , a travel agency specialized in sustainable and nature tourism, in order to operate under the standards and regulations of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

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