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Macro photography workshop (of small species and plants) - ONLINE

Macro photography workshop (of small species and plants) - ONLINE


The objective of this course is to provide knowledge and introduce participants to the necessary techniques for the proper development of wildlife photography, topics such as equipment management, preparation, ethics in wildlife photography, specific camera settings on each occasion, the correct exposure, sharpness and photo capture, approach techniques, the use of artificial lighting, hides and composition, among others.

Introduction to wildlife photography

  • Definition
  • Concepts and categories
  • Ethics and conservation
  • The preparation and basic notions in nature

The photographic team

  • camera and sensor
  • proper optics
  • Magnification and scale
  • tripod and mounts
  • The use of the flash
  • Accessories

Technique and basic concepts

  • Understanding the exposure
  • Proper measurement of light
  • The Right Diaphragm
  • depth of field
  • Derecheo (exposure to the right)
  • speed and its importance
  • Camera settings
  • Focus
  • focus points

In practice

  • the staff team
  • time and preparation
  • The right moment
  • approach techniques
  • sun position
  • Direction of light and wind
  • the moving object
  • The bottom
  • Feeders and drinkers
  • Preparation of a set
  • Hide and alternatives
  • Composing from capture
  • composition notions
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