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Photographic workshop in Caño Cristales

Photographic workshop in Caño Cristales


The photographic journey to Caño Cristales, the river of 5 colors, is a great travel experience, which will take us to know one of the most beautiful rivers in the world and interact with the local community. We will be accompanied by a nature photographer, who will bring us closer to the various photographic techniques that the place allows. From a basic to an advanced level, day by day we will develop walks through the various trails, where we can take day and night landscape photography, long exposures, fauna and flora photography. We will introduce ourselves to concepts, such as composition, hyperfocal, the use of neutral density filters, polarizing filters, HDR, among others.

Caño Cristales, a journey of color, light and shadows

Photographic journeys and sustainable eco-tourism

  “Traveling with us will support the community of the Serranía de la Macarena by staying at the hotel closest to Caño Cristales, which makes the most of time, since the daily transfers by boat and vehicle that must be made are avoided. from other accommodations in the area.”

Day 1:

Bogota/Villavicencio – Caño Cristales (-/A/C)  This day you take a charter flight from the city of Villavicencio or Bogotá around 6 am, to the municipality of La Macarena (1 hour). There you will have the last opportunity to buy items such as waterproof layers, medicines and other items for personal use. After this, an induction talk will be received at the National Parks service point, an entity that is also in charge of assigning the trails to visit each day.

At this point the transfer to La Macarena National Natural Park begins, which consists of two parts: one part by boat, making a stop at a turtle hatchery and possibly Caño Cristalitos, according to the decision of the regulatory entity, and the second part by boat. 4x4 truck. The last section of approximately 20 minutes, towards the hotel, is done on foot. After accommodation, there is the possibility of watching the sunset and contemplating the beautiful colors of the Tourist Pool and Los Ochos. Return to the hotel, dinner and accommodation in this particular place run by local people.

Day 2:

Caño Cristales (B/L/D) After breakfast, the walk assigned for that day will take place in Caño Cristales through National Parks and Cormacarena. 1 of the 7 trails in the Reserve will be assigned, in which we will have the opportunity to take long-term photographs of the channel, work on composition and landscape photography; at night we will have the opportunity to do night photography. The shorter trails may be complemented with visits to some of the sectors of the channel. During the entire tour you will be accompanied by a local guide and lunch will depend on the length of the trail, the longest tours will have lunch on the hike (cold cuts or typical packed lunch, wrapped in banana leaves) and for the rest, you will return to the house to have lunch more comfortable. . Return to hotel, dinner and overnight.

Day 3:

Caño Cristales (B/L/D) As on the previous day, we will take a tour of the assigned trails where we will have the opportunity to delve into the different techniques of landscape, flora and fauna photography,  while exploring the different areas of the canyon  until sunset, which we can contemplate in the place. If the weather conditions are suitable, we can take star photography.​

Day 4:

After breakfast, a short tour of the surroundings of the house is made and perhaps a visit to the nearest wells (Tourist Pool, Los Ochos), if there is permission from the National Parks for that area. Return to the lodging to get things ready and lunch is taken at home or at La Macarena depending on the time of departure of the plane. Departure two hours before the flight time, along the same route as day 1 but back to La Macarena (1 hour and 30 minutes).  to take the flight back to the Vanguardia airport in Villavicencio or Dorado in Bogotá (1 hour).

(The routes of the itinerary may vary according to the assignment by National Parks at the time of entry, due to the impact of the load of each trail)

The trips and photographic outputs are carried out in partnership with the organization  AlterNative Colombia , a travel agency specialized in sustainable and nature tourism, in order to operate under the standards and regulations of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

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