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Printing, finishing and delivery


The printing and assembly of the works is carried out under the highest quality standards, the adhesives used are ecological and HP neutral to guarantee the maximum durability of your work.

The choice of paper, both cotton and photographic, is made according to the characteristics, properties and tones of each work, in order to select the most appropriate and thus highlight the texture and properties of each work. Papers used: Moab, Epson, Hahnemühle and Harman.

The high quality digital inkjet printing (giclée) under which the images are worked, guarantees high quality results, both in the details, contrast, color and durability of each of the pieces.

On the other hand, the prints and assemblies in Plexiglass and aluminum foil, are made in high quality papers, HD sublimation processes and detailed profiling of each work, in order to guarantee color tones and durability.


The assembly of the works is carried out under the highest quality standards, the adhesives used are ecological and HP neutral to guarantee the maximum durability of your work.  During and after assembly, all the works are verified by our experts, who carry out a strict quality control, in order to guarantee their final delivery.

For international shipments, only the printed work is sent, no frame, altarpiece or acrylic is applied. 

frame, american box

Frame made of environmentally responsible materials with excellent finishes, imitation wood.  In two presentations: black or wenge, with their respective gray mat and transparent UV plexi. The measurements of the frame are 2cm and the mount is 5cm, which must be added to the measurement of the chosen work, to obtain its total size.


Which offers an excellent finish to each work being a good option if at any time they decide to carry out a different assembly to the work. 

Captura de pantalla 2021-07-22 133444.jpg

Acrylic - Plexiglass methacrylate

The Plexiglass panel is a colorless and transparent acrylic glass that is printed on the reverse.  this adds depth and a tonality of color to the works giving an impressive artistic finish  and sublime colors.  

It has good resistance to UV rays and is perfect for interiors and exteriors.  


Chroma Luxe HD

Chromaluxe printing is the High Definition (HD) version of sublimable aluminum. The images are fantastic.

It is the most innovative technique for photographic reproduction that makes the difference with traditional papers. High gloss printing offers the widest possible color gamut and incredible depth effect. It is a scratch, water and UV light resistant material.

Printed work sent in roll (the most popular option)

If you want to carry out the assembly process of the work yourself, I will send you the printed photo according to the chosen characteristics of the paper.  


Under this modality, I will also advise some places to assemble the work, where they guarantee an acid-free process.  

Works sent tocountries Outside Colombia, they are carried out in this modality.

galeria pared.jpg

Taxes and delivery

The delivery time of the works varies between 5 to 15 business days, depending on the type of assembly and size of the chosen work. Shipping costs and taxes will be calculated at checkout in the payment section. Taxes are calculated in accordance with the provisions of Colombian law regarding VAT and tariffs. National and international shipping has a fixed cost according to the regions and its price is according to the weight, price and insurance of the work. Within Colombia, Servientrega is used and FEDEX for international shipments. For international shipments, additional duties and taxes will be subject to the policies of the receiving country, these expenses are borne by the buyer and the delivery company. 

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